So today is the official day where you can download the “FreeHappy Crabby Digi Stamp! This cute little guy is for the 1st 2 Cute Rubber Stamps Challenge! Make sure to read the rules to on the Design Team blog and then go an download the image from my 2 Cute Blog!!! ūüôā Remember all the same terms of use for the regular digi’s apply to all the free Challenge Digi’s as well!


Hi everyone

I have been working on my 2 Cute Rubber stamps Business! ¬† I haven’t had much time to dabble into any other arts and crafts at the moment, though i do need to make a window cling out of some special paints for 2 Cute! ¬†Come check out my etsy shop and my blog to see what is new! ¬†Above is the Cowboy Kid Cling Cushion Stamp that is now for sale !

So I have been super busy working on 2 cute rubber stamps! ¬†I also had my first sale on etsy last week to! ¬†I am also very excited that the 2 cute rubber stamp design team is doing a great job creating awesome cards, and scrapbook pages etc… with all my stamp designs! ¬†check out my ¬†blog, etsy shop and the 2 cute design team at

So, ¬†today I managed to update my craft a day library blog which a few more craft ideas to try. ¬†I need to get in the habit of writing a craft every day instead of ¬†cramming 3 crafts in one day. ¬†It is ok for now, as long as I don’t go more than 3 days! ¬† ¬†Last night I was working on updating my portfolio and putting watermarks on all my designs, which is something I have been meaning to do but never got around to it. ¬†I still need to put water marks on my newest freelance designs and then post them all on 2cutedesigns.

I am also excited because I am going to be working with a design team and even have a design team blog! ¬†They are going to help me promote my line of ¬†2 Cute Rubber Stamps “Vintage Cute” and create samples!! ¬†I can’t wait for that.

I have also decided that I am going to have my “Stamp Library” on my Portfolio website , where I will post rubber stamp designs that will be available for rubber stamp companies to buy. ¬†I think this will work better on that website vs. my 2 cute rubber stamp blog, for I need to keep my rubber stamp line separate from designs that I want to sell to companies.

So I am glad to say I have a few freelance projects lined up for this week.  I should have some sketches posted in a few days.  I need to create some cute cupcakes, bunnies, friend and kid stamp designs and also some flower/nature designs.  So I need to start brainstorming and start sketching these designs out.  I am hoping after I do these 10 -12 stamp designs that I will have a nice range of work, that will help me get into working with other rubber stamps companies.  I also would like to re-do my portfolio site at some point, but for now I think I will just work on updating all my new designs and look for new companies.

I slacked a bit last week on updating my craft a day library blog. So I just updated it now with 3 new crafts. Gallery Glass, Paint and Peel Window Art and Fuseworks Microwave Kiln.

My first crochet slipper!

So I finished my first slipper, it came out pretty good though I messed up a little bit on the side where it is pinched in, (Oh well, lol) .  I decided not to double the yarn to see how the slipper would come out.  It is more flimsy and it seems a bit small for my foot, so I think I will try and make the slipper again doubling the yarn as the pattern says to see how it comes out!  I would also like to try and make the slipper again with just the single strand of yarn but do the pattern for next shoe size up!  All and all for crocheting my first slipper I think I did good.  I have a few ideas on how I want to decorate the slipper to add my own creativity, so I will make sure to write them down in my idea book and then give them a try.

so I started to crochet those slippers yesterday but I found that doubling the yarn is hard to work with at least right now. so I started over just now and this is what I got so far. I decided I will have light blue on the inside and dark blue on the outside. we shall see if they turn out, if not then I will give the doubling the yarn a second try.

just updated another craft on craft a day library A great step by step tutorial I found online on how to make marble magnets.

I am thinking about buying a crochet slipper pattern that I found on etsy. ¬†I have never tried to crochet a pair of slippers but I think it would be fun! ¬† ¬†If all goes well and I am able to make them fairly quick, I was even thinking of making a few, adding my own creativity ¬†and putting them up for sale. ¬†I really like the fact that you can make them indoor or outdoor slippers. ¬† Once I buy the pattern and make my first set of slippers I will post them here! ¬†This pattern is from Mamachee’s etsy shop,